Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Field Reporting from The Typist

Well, it's been a neat day at Congress on Evangelism! There are at least 9 MethoBloggers at this meetup: Reverend Mommy and RevAbi, who are graciously sharing their room with me; John the Methodist, who has asked us to consider participating in the MethoBlogger profile series; Beth, Gavin, Jonathon, Jay, Susan, and me. And if any of those links don't work, sorry, but I'm too tired to check them all. Several of those are also RevGals, and some more are thinking about joining.

There are some videos of Gavin and Jonathon up on Reverend Mommy's site, if you want a workshop sampling. I arrived late, in the middle of Reverend Mommy and Jay's first workshop, because yesterday a bolt went missing off the plane I was supposed to be riding, and the next available flight was this morning. Interestingly, on this flight I wasn't supposed to be on, I wound up sitting next to Bishop Wills. I hope I didn't talk too much about blogging and digital community stuff. I managed to get my knitting homework done and he did some journaling, so I know I didn't talk non-stop.

Tonight most of the MethoBloggers wound up having dinner together, and four of us had Lazy River Time after that. Yes, our hotel has an indoor Lazy River, enclosed for the winter, complete with tubes for floating and a waterfall bridge. (The pirate ship is in the outdoor area, so we didn't get to play on that.)

Okay. Tired. Gotta get up and do more in the morning. G'Night.


Songbird said...

Sounds like a great event!

gavoweb said...

ah, photoshop keeps me from lazy river.. tomorrow night!

Lidna said...

A lazy river?? Luuucky!!

Cub would say, "I want it! What is it?" And then she'd get all soggy. Perhaps Angus would fare better in one, with being not as funky. :-)

DogBlogger said...

I dunno, lidna... The 'Guus probably would've smelled a whole new kind of bad after the hot tub. It had so many chemicals in it that my improvised swim top (a tank from the Gap) is now a different color than it was before. Well, below the water line, anyway.