Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolutions, past and future

Happy New Year! I seem to have done pretty well on most of my resolutions from last year. I'm still svelte, and shiny in the sun, and I've gotten really good at catching The Boy when we play chase. Got into a bit of trouble with keep on chewin', though, as was detailed in the saga of the cracked toof.

The Typist says she's not doing resolutions this year. Even the vague ones don't seem to work well for her. But I think I did so well with last year's, I'll just keep them -- well, except for the one about chewing. Need to see if the fake bone things they got for me to chew are actually any good... and I doubt it. I'm a bit of a chew-snob.

Expect to hear more directly from The Typist this week, reporting from her Methoblogger and RevGals meetups!

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Meow and welcome (again) to RGBPs!