Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dog Hero Profile: Nicky

This picture is of Moose, a Jack Russell terrier who pretended to be Eddie on TV.

But tonight I'm talking about a dog who looks kinda like this: Nicky, a local hero.

Or, should I say, who looked kinda like this. Nick went on today.

We never met him, but Nicky lived near us, with our friend Miss Cherrie. He was very old, but he had lived with her since he was a puppy. She took very good care of him and loved him lots.

There was a time when Miss Cherrie couldn't hear well. Nick understood she needed help, and so he used his ears for her until she got her own ears fixed (and even some after that).

He liked pickles.

He liked watching Wishbone on TV.

And he loved Miss Cherrie.

Rest well, Nick.


zorra said...

Praying for consolation for Miss Cherrie.

zorra said...

Hey Cub and Angus--go over to QG's place and take a look at Beatrice, our newest RevGalPetPal!

Diane said...

yes, prayers for Nick in the good dog club.

1-4 Grace said...

((((Miss Cherie)))))
Heartfelt love for you!!!
Great story on Animal Palnet today about a dog that helps a lady with seziures. he tells her when she is going to ahve a seziure, so she can lay down and call her husband.
1-4 Grace
Cub and Angus-
Milk ring hockey is so cool. I love it. Sometimes I slide into the trashcan and turn it over.

DogBlogger said...

1-4 Grace, funny you mention seizures. What we didn't reveal is that Nick had seizures. Cub has them too, and we've joked about getting her a seizure dog.

Melech, sounds like you're ready for the professional milk ring hockey league...

Whistle said...

Rest well, good and faithful dog!
I know your people miss you.

Cherrie said...

Thank you all so much for your good wishes for both Nick and me as we begin our separate journeys. It's a week later and my heart is still breaking, but hope has carved out a huge spot for itself, because today I'm going to meet my new friend. I've picked another Jack Russell, a rescue, and will be leaving to go to Oklahoma for him in a few minutes. I'll ask Cub for her stamp of approval on the new little guy and to keep you posted on how we are learning to love and trust again!
Miss Cherrie