Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Five: Seasons Change...

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Reverendmother writes:
It's Labor Day weekend here in the United States, also known as Summer's Last Hurrah. So let's say goodbye to summer and hello to the autumn. (People in other climes, feel free to adapt as needed.)

It's another tandem play for me and The Typist today!

1. Share a highlight from this summer. (If you please, don't just say "our vacation to the Canadian Rockies." Give us a little detail or image. Help us live vicariously through you!)
Typist: Hmm. I'm not feeling into imagery this morning. Dare I say something as small as having a lovely 11th anniversary dinner with The Alpha? Because that was very nice, indeed. Our real summer hurrah is coming up tomorrow -- we had to put it off until September because of church-nerd obligations.
Cub: I've had a pretty good summer all around. It was nice to go for a swim a few weeks back.

2. Are you glad to see this summer end? Why or why not?
Typist: Indifferent on this one. I don't think I'll get any less busy, but summer hasn't been as scorchingly hot as it could've been this year. Still, I'll be more inclined to spend time outside when it cools off a bit more.
Cub: I'm pretty much with The Typist. Although I haven't been nearly as busy as she has.

3. Name one or two things you're looking forward to this fall.
Typist: Going to northwest corner of Home State. Technically, the trip is for a church-nerd meeting, but there should still be some wonderful time outside at the retreat center.
Cub: My fur really looks even more beautiful in the fall. I'm an autumn dog.

4. Do you have any special preparations or activities to mark the transition from one season to another? (Cleaning of house, putting away summer clothes, one last trip to the beach)
Typist: A trip to the northwest corner of Home State, particularly to town of The Alpha's alma mater (coincidentally, the same town as retreat center mentioned above). We try to have a weekend up there every autumn, but it doesn't always happen.
Cub: I start to grow in some more fur. I have plenty, but I want to be extra-sure about it.

5. I'll know that fall is really here when...
Typist: ... I step outside and smell freshly-mown grass mixed with falling leaves. Smells like high-school football season. Keep in mind that fall only hangs around here for about a week, though, so I have to be really attentive to catch it. It was easier in Home State.
Cub: ... the backyard grass dries out and The Alpha doesn't have to mow it for a while. And when I roll around in it, some of it will hang onto my fur and The Typist will pick it off when I come inside.


karlajean said...

Cub: love the growing fur option. Make sure you get lots for cold weather...and I love the video of your swimming in the pool. You should be in dog olympics!

Typist: Love the evocative olfactory image of mown grass and falling leaves. I can smell...and then, I sneeze! have a great retreat.

Sally said...

mown grass- falling leaves...bonfires??? such wonderful fall smells!

Well played both- Cub I hope you will ask typist to post a picture of your fall-coat!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love this one!

Wish I could have met up with you!

QuakerPastor said...

Great play---I too will miss opportunities to swim

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

mmm... it could be worse Cub could have rolled in something stinky left behind my neighborhood felines... augggggh

Mark Winter said...

I am ALWAYS ready for the summer to end in Texas.

Molly said...

Cub, you are a great swimmer! My coat gets really heavy when it's wet. I like winter, when I can cool off in the snow, instead.
Your friend,

revabi said...

Cub, can't wait to see your beautiful fur. My dogs have not liked the heat either, but no swim yet. Church nerd meetings, I am going to have to remember that too. I have a meeting every night this month, so I will remember this as a way of coping.

Typist, great play. Sounds like the anniversary was wonderful, and that the upcoming trip is going to be great too.

Diane said...

Ah, rolling around in the grass! and ah, not having to mow any more! great play!