Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last night's DogPal meetup!

First off, The Typist says she is very glad that the cable internet guy is supposed to come Monday, because nobody has been able to blog or check email around here all dang day. It started working again not long ago, thank goodness, because the thumb-havers were getting testy.

Next, and more importantly... WOW, did we have a great time last night! We got to take a ride over to Bandy's house! I went swimming -- Bandy never uses her pool, so her mom was happy to see me paddling around. The Boy even got in and stood on the first step. That's a huge breakthrough for him.

The Typist put the camera away after this part, because I was starting to shake water off. I had fun shaking water all over the thumb-havers every time I got out of the pool -- and sometimes before I got out!

Bandy and I had a couple of scuffles, as dogs sometimes do when we first meet, but it was nothing personal. We actually like each other pretty well. The Typist was upset when Bandy lost a tooth in one of the scuffles, though. Bandy's mom says Bandy is feeling fine now, but will be going to the vet soon! Oh, and we found out we have the same vet. I hope they give Bandy lots of treats like they do for me.

Besides standing on the top step of the pool, The Boy also drank lots of pool water. He let it go on the way home. He tried to tell The Typist to pull over, but she didn't understand. So he managed to aim a lot of it toward her bag full of wet dog towels instead of directly on the back seat. (He can be very considerate.) The Typist wasn't upset; she says she is thankful she got the ScotchGard option, whatever that means.

Thanks, Bandy and Bandy's mom, for a nice evening!


Diane said...

we have a similar internet problem... so I'm doing a little blogging from somewhere else...

sounds fun !!

John said...

Swimming is icky. You have to get wet to do it! It's sometimes nice to lie down in shallow water at the edge of a lake, but getting wet all over is definitely out!

-Sunny the Papillon

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Sunny, The Boy and Bandy both seem to agree with you.

And I do, too, if it's bath time.

But when I see a pool or a creek, I'm a watery, watery dog.

Anonymous said...

More DogPals -
The fuzzy kids finally got a post over at my place - they want to say Hi to Cub and the Boy -
Nothing like a good swim to keep cool in this heat!! My two prefer a water sprinkler though - God seems to have forgotten to show them how to swim... I never knew that was an option with dogs...

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I'm not much for all-over getting wet. Just a little at a time, by my own tongue thank you. But it looks like you had fun.


zorra said...

Cub, my sister and I never did like each other all that much, and we used to argue a lot. Once my dad tried to stop us, and I lost a tooth--in his leg! I would never,never bite my daddy on purpose, so I'm glad he forgave me. It sounds like you and Bandy were both OK. Maybe you won't need to scuffle the next time you get together.

Baths! I hate baths! But swimming looks like fun.


LawAndGospel said...

My boy Buddy hates baths and pools. And the other day it started pouring rain so fast the humans could not get outside before he was drenched, and oh so pitiful looking.

gavin richardson said...

wish our thumbhavers would let us go to the pool. something about a fear of us breaking a liner.. luckily there is a river not to far from here. the water doesn't taste as nice though.