Thursday, August 30, 2007

New friend we haven't met yet

Remember Miss Cherrie? She sent us a cute picture of Nick today, from back when he was young:
Nick definitely knew how to have fun. He even liked little thumb-havers, the kind that make me nervous. Such a good boy, that Nick.

Well, Miss Cherrie sent another picture today, too. It's of someone new. Internet, meet Jay:

Jay came to live with Miss Cherrie last weekend, and The Typist got to go meet him, but we can't play with him yet. Not until he's settled in. And that might take a while, because he's a bit of a scaredy-dog from being in a shelter for a very long time, and being in a place where good people had to come take him away from bad people before that. ("Cruelty" is what it said on the form. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I know I don't like it.)

Jay has decided he likes living at Miss Cherrie's house, so The Boy and I will get to meet him eventually.

The Typist says that in the morning, Jay is going to be on her work blog, with a story from Miss Cherrie. (I haven't gotten to be on her work blog, but I have been on John the Methodist's blog and in the paper, which is more than The Boy can say.)

I'm glad Jay and Miss Cherrie found each other. Not every thumb-haver would be so patient with a dog who gets scared when a book falls over on the shelf. But Miss Cherrie understands, and she's helping him not be so scared.


SpookyRach said...

He's got a great face!

Sally said...


zorra said...

What a sweet, good boy.
Like your dogs and mine, Jay just won the doggie lottery. Hooray for Jay and Miss Cherrie.

Anonymous said...

Let Jay watch the girls video so they are familiar when he see them. Nice picture. MH

revabi said...

Ahh, he may be a scaredy dog, but he is handsome. And dogblogger you are always welcome on my blog.

RevAnne said...

Cletus the WonderMutt was also rescued from a shelter, although I suspect his life was not as hard as Jay's. I pray Jay settles in as well as Cletus has...and is at least as much of a presence in Miss Cherrie's life as CtWM is in ours.