Thursday, November 01, 2007

Backyard Bulletin

Hi, Internet! Sorry it's been so long since I blogged. The Typist has had busy evenings. Here's what's been going on lately:
  • The Alpha dug up a big long patch of grass in our backyard a few weeks ago, and he won't let The Boy and me dig in it. It's supposed to turn into something called a "garden." I have a feeling we're not supposed to dig in it when that happens, either.
  • I think I get to go for a ride tomorrow! ...but it may be the kind with a needle at the other end of it.
  • I have some new blogging DogPals: Grendel and Tanner. Go say hi!
  • The Typist had a birfday. She did not give dogs any cake. I think that is a shame.
  • For some reason, The Alpha and The Typist have gotten the crate out again. I think it's okay, but The Boy is really scared of it, and he's not telling anybody why. He won't even go in there for treats very often. When they say "crate," I go get in the crate, but The Boy gets under the bed or the coffee table.
  • We got new toys this week: a big bouncy jack with a rope through the middle, and a regular rope. We like 'em!
So, what have you been doing?


John said...

I did crate when I was a little puppy, but ever since, I get to sleep on the big nest with Packlady and Packleader when it's time for Big Sleep.

Long-eared puppy doesn't sleep on the big nest with us, but stays in her wire box. I want her to sleep with us on the big nest, but I guess that she doesn't have enough status in the pack to deserve it.

--Sunny the Papillion

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Well tell the typist happy late birthday and yes you should have been given cake!

Molly said...

Hi, Cub!
I had a visit from a world-famous blogger!
When are you coming to see me?
Your friend,

Littlemankitty said...

I think crate sounds a lot like cage. I wouldn't like it either.

Diane said...

I don't sleep in the crate either. they say I have "confinement issues."-Scout.

I love that Grendel!

Janie said...

I sleep in the crate. And on the bed with my WO (Wonderful Owners). And now, I have a baby sister Zoie, and she sleeps in a littler crate than me. Mine is the biggest at Petsmart. But our WO always put us up on the bed, and sometimes they let me sleep there all night. Zoie can't be trusted yet, whatever that means.
But probably sooner than my WO like, we'll both be on the bed.

Maybe they can sleep in our crates!

Zack the Wonder Dog
(Zoie can't read yet...she'll write when she's old enough.)

Rowan The Dog said...

Hey, Cub, guess what? I know Grendel too! Grendel is the poet Laureate of my blog because she wrote me a poem once. Isn't she great?

I like my crate. It is the thing that gets me out of trouble. I just go in there and I am automatically out of trouble. Pretty cool if you ask me.



Deb said...

Crates? I don't like crates. They remind me of the things that go to the Shop of Horrors... you know. The place with needles on the other end.

What flavor was the cake? Tuna? I would have had some for sure.

The Shadow Princess