Tuesday, November 06, 2007

DogBlogs galore!

I hadn't even gotten around to having The Typist add Tanner and Grendel and Rowan to my sidebar when Josie and Boudreaux got a blog, too!

The Boy and I met Josie and Boudreaux back in June. They didn't really know what to do with us, but we had a good time in their nice shady yard. Plus, they're fluffy, so that was interesting.

I love this picture of Josie.

Or Boudreaux.

I can't tell them apart very well.


Janie said...

We want to meet you, too! Do they let dogs fly on Southwest Airlines? Our Mommy has lots of frequent flyer passes. We can do it! We can, we can!! Are there birds to hunt where you live?

Zack and Zoie

PS - Zack competes in the Texas State Championship starting Thursday. I can't yet, I'm too little. Zoie

DogBlogger said...

We've already checked... Southwest Airlines is Not For Poppies. Not even if they buy us our own seat.

Durn shame, because The Typist and The Alpha really like Southwest otherwise.

Janie said...

My mom just figured out y'all live in the DFW area. I'm there all.the.time.

Zoie was there two weekends ago when my mom brought her home from Kansas. Zoie got to stay in Colleyville, and in Mansfield. She's almost as well traveled as me!

I was reading your profile and noticed you work with non-profits. My mom does lots of fundraising for nonprofits on the side, and my whole family are Bigs.
It's a crazy life around here!

Mark Winter said...

Hey, Dogblogger,

Do you know of any dog agility clubs in the DFW area? (I'm in your neck of the woods). I have a little rat terrier who would love to jump hurdles and go through hoops.

Grendel said...

That is a Cute Dog!

Thank you for Adding me to your Dog Blog Sidebar. I am Honored.

Love and Gravy,


marybeth said...

Hee hee, this is Josie.