Monday, November 19, 2007

Dog Hero Profiles: Thunder and Haven

This dog may look very familiar, but it's not me.

This, dear readers, is Thunder, Dog Hero, with his thumb-haver Carlos. Thunder is a working dog who does all Carlos's looking for him. He gets to wear an official Guide Dog harness and everything.

Our good friend Lily knows Carlos and Thunder from her work (stuff she does when she's not here petting us). Lily says Thunder is really great, and we know she's got to be right about that.

What happened to Thunder and Carlos is really scary. They were with Carlos's girlfriend Diane and her guide dog Haven when a car came right at them. The car hit Carlos and Thunder, but Haven, being very smart and doing a Good Job, pulled Diane out of the way. So Haven is a hero for that.

Thunder's hero bit came when he was already hurt. He got himself back to the library they all had just left. In special emergency dog language, he told the people who work there that there had been an accident. They called 911 for him to get Carlos some help.

Carlos and Thunder are injured, but they're slowly getting better. Thunder may have to retire from his job, but he will live with Carlos no matter what (and for that, Carlos is a hero, too).

And guess what? Carlos and Diane got married this weekend! Hooray!

I hope they let Thunder and Haven have just a teeny bit of cake...


gavin richardson said...

i hope they let them have cake too. my mom & dad didn't let me have any cake from their wedding. -coe

Diane said...

what a great, inspiring story! thanks for sharing it.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so glad you told us about that story. WOW! That is some hero!!

zorra said...

Great story!

zorra said...

Either or both of you have been tagged!