Thursday, November 08, 2007


So, I got another ride to the vet today. I stayed all day.

And after a while they started messing with me, but it wasn't that bad. No needles this time, and they didn't make me take a nap, either, but they played with my belly.

And see? I got a special belly haircut!

The Typist got another picture of it, too, but she cropped it because she said it was indecent. And also because one of my eyes looked like it had turned into a flashlight.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'd like all my RevGalDogPals (and CatPals, too) to pray. The Alpha and The Typist seem worried.

They should really just have a good roll in the grass. I know that makes me feel better.


RevAnne said...

Cletus agrees with the roll in the grass...but I'm not convinced. Am praying for you though!

zorra said...

Amen to the roll in the grass. Mama says to tell the Typist she's still praying.

Diane said...

Scout and us are praying for you Cub.

Songbird said...

oh, you have my prayers!

Quotidian Grace said...

Dear Bellydog,

Mama says we're praying for you. You look kinda scary in the photo, but happy.

Must chew something now...

Your pal,
Beatrice the Bold Puppy

Janie said...

Ohhh, Cub. Me and Zoie the Wonder Pup are praying for you. My mom is, too.

Love and lickies from Zack and Zoie in Midland.

jnors93 said...

As a c-a-t, I, Amaretto Pussycat, am typically adverse to any
d-o-g...especially big ones.

However, my Mom (that's what Sticky-Hands and Sweetie Pie call her)says your people are good people. So we'll all pray a good prayer for the Cub Pup.

and Amen.

I think this is my first offical Amaretto blog response! The need for a prayer can inspire the shy and the snobby!

Grendel said...

I will Pray for You that no Badness Happens. God will Take Care of you!

You are a Brave Dog.

I like your Belly Shave.

Lots of Love,


Linda said...


Molly said...

I go to the vet a lot. I hope your vet takes good care of you the way mine takes care of me.
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Thanks everybody! All four of us just spent the night with Mamaw (photo to come) and now we are all with the thumb-havers who call us their granddogs. It is a nice getaway.

John said...

Sunny and I will pray for you, Cub!

Presbyterian Gal said...

We found out about this from Zorra and Amie!

We are putting our paws together to pray for you and for no more worries! And if you were here we would share our treats for you!

Callie and Lucy
Cat of PG