Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dear Cub: How did you find out about Egg Love?

In the comments to my previous post, Grendel writes:
Wow, Eggs are Love, too?
How do you eat them? Raw? Boiled? Fried? Poached? Scrammeled? Deviled?
And how did you find out about Egg Love?
I need to know!!!

Yes, Grendel, Eggs are Love. I eat them scrammeled. Here's how I found out about Egg Love...

A few days before Christmas, I had decided I didn't want to eat because my tummy felt bad. And so The Alpha and The Typist took me to the vet for needles, and then back to the vet the next morning for an all-day needle called fluids. The vet gave the thumb-havers some pills for me, and special smelly wet chow for me, and I ate it all up. For a few days.

But while we were at Christmas, I started getting a little more picky. I wasn't sure I liked the wet chow any more. The thumb-havers were all talking about how it's better to keep a dog eating, and the next thing I knew, my grandma was cooking eggs to mix in with my wet chow. My grandma loves her granddogs, especially me, her granddogter. (All the other granddogs are boys, and sometimes she calls me one, too, but I don't really mind.)

I've kept not liking my wet chow, and so I get more eggs, even now that we're back in Texas. The Alpha and The Typist keep trying to get me to eat my wet chow, but I won't eat it mixed in with the eggs anymore. Now we're making a game out of it, and I like playing Catch the Treat. They're obviously having great fun making the smelly wet chow into little treat-sized bites to throw in the air for me to catch.

So, Grendel, if you want Egg Love, I think you have to get your thumb-havers all worried about you. But maybe, if you're really, really good, you could get one anyway.


Linda said...

Tasty!! I also love eggses, and I eat mine "over easy" most of the time but scrammeled is good too!

Diane said...

Scout likes eggs, too. She hasn't had them as much as you, Cub.

zorra said...

Mmm...I got scrammeled eggs after I had my teeth pulled. I love eggs.
IMO, Pumpkin is Love, too.


Rowan The Dog said...

I eat raw eggs. It makes my fur even prettier!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love scrammeled eggs with ketchup.

Are you better??