Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not So Hot

Well, I haven't been eating for a couple of days, and it really got The Alpha and The Typist all worked up. So they took me to the vet today for some needles and stuff, and rumor has it they're taking me again tomorrow for something called "fluids." And then at some point there will be something called a "specialist." They were frowning at some piece of paper the vet showed them. But I got sent home with some really good soft chow from a can, so that helped me eat my supper tonight. I didn't even try to give it back the way it came in -- which I think had something to do with getting that stinging needle. Because after it, my tummy started not feeling so bad, so that was nice.

I'm pretty sure they want y'all to pray for me, so will you please do that?


zorra said...


Spooky said...

Even though you are a D-O-G, I am still praying for you. Please get well!

Quotidian Grace said...

Hugs from me and Olivia. And prayers, too.


Your friend, Beatrice

Linda said...

Praying praying!

mid-life rookie said...

(((The Typist, Alpha, and Cub))) Prayers for all of you too.

The Boy said...

Um, hey! What about me? I'm here too, you know! Last night, I kept wanting to run and jump and play and go and !DO!, and I kept getting told, "Not now, Boy." Plus, she got some kinda new squishy food, and I got stuck the same old dry stuff. And not much of it! I'm practically starving over here!

Course, I *do* miss Cub. I like it when she gets home. She smells like Someplace Else, so I get to sniff that. And then she can try to get me. Wheee! Fun for everbody!

Linda said...

My second "praying" was for you, The Boy. Don't worry, you're not forgotten!! Belly scritches!!

Grendel said...


I hope your Tummy Gets Back to Normal. Tummy Sickness is Serious Stuff.

Dr. Grendel prescribes 2 TB gravy every meal. Repeat until you are OK.

But canned food is Good.

The Boy,
It is tough Not To Get Attention. You could always Barf on the Floor. Lots of Attention then.

Songbird said...

i'm on it, Cub.

Diane said...

we are praying HARD here.
we love you
Scout and Diane

Diane said...

The Boy,
of course We love you too.

zorra said...

The Boy,

You know we love you too. Especially since you're a brother heeler!