Monday, December 31, 2007

In Memoriam: Uncle Ren

This is a picture of Uncle Ren from years ago, with Aunt Nancy holding him.

Uncle Ren went on this weekend.

He was 14 in thumb-haver years. He didn't like to play very much at all. The Alpha says he used to love to jump up high, and roll over, and shake hands, and go after members of a certain political party, and catch peanuts, and even kill a gopher or two out in the garden. But that was back before The Boy and I got to know him. Lately he'd just been tired, and deaf, and nearly blind. His smeller still worked great, though. He could always find where the food was.

Ren was our Pop's buddy, and his pardner, too. I hope Pop does okay without him.

According to Martin Luther and Rowan, Ren now has "a little golden tail." We were wondering, is that a stump-tail like he had here, or does he get his full tail back in heaven? Because "a little golden stump" just seems kinda funny.

Either way, it's golden.

Rest well, Ren.


zorra said...

Rest in peace, Ren.

I am sure he has his full tail in heaven. I have faith that I'll receive mine, too.


Rowan The Dog said...

Yes, Dogblogger, I think the main thing is not even that it's golden but that it has been made perfect, just the right size and everything.

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Of course, as dogs we understand and rejoice but I suspect you will have to give some extra special care to your thumb-havers for awhile. Sometimes humans forget to be gentle with themselves so it's up to us dogs.

I am waiting for my own little golden tail. And, of course I want to meet Clownie, Martin Luther's dog and Martin Luther too. He gives table scraps, you know. I am waiting, with all you other dogs and all the humans too, for that day when everything is restored to the way it's supposed to be. Dog's back with their guardians, don't you know. Until then, all us dogs just have to wag the tails we've got!



Diane said...

yes, I'm sorry to hear about Ren, but rejoicing in his golden, perfect, resurrection tail.

scout will be over later, I think.

scoutdog said...

doggie howls for Ren from me. please give each other some TLC. that's what us dog would do.

Molly said...

Godspeed, Ren.
I kind of hope we have wings when we get there.

Venus said...

Rest in love and joy, Ren. Ren sounded like a really, really wonderful friend. Wow, a golden tail, that sounds marvelous...and I am hoping for a golden bowl, too...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I think he will be able to choose what ever tail he wants. I think heaven will be cool that way.

Art said...

Sorry to hear about Ren. I pray he is resting in peace and joy.

Janie said...

RIP, Ren. We'll see ya up there, buddy. Zack and Zoie

LawAndGospel said...

Sorry to hear about Ren but I am sure the treats are great in heaven. Before I read this I tagged you for a meme over at my place about pets. Hope you can stop by.