Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quincy's meme

Hi -- The Typist here, having been tagged by Law And Gospel, who writes: Dave over at Here I Stand posted on a sad note, that they had to put Quincy, the family dog, to sleep. Certainly, we pray for Dave and the family because we all know that pets are people too. Their stories are our stories. One thing that can guarantee good conversation is a sharing of the antics of our animals. So, in honor of Quincy and all of our animal companions past and present, I thought I would post a couple pet antics from our house and create a new meme.

1. What is an amusing anecdote about a pet friend in your life (past or present)?
When we brought Angus, a.k.a. The Boy, home, we pulled a fast one on Cub: we had some friends bring The Boy in through the front door instead of bringing him in from the garage as if he had arrived with us (which he had). She thought she was getting someone to play with for a little while, which was cool. Then our friends went home -- without The Boy. For the next 48 hours, Cub would stare at him, then at us, as if to say, Wasn't he supposed to be leaving? But things settled in after a while, and they're quite the pair these days.

2. What is a gift a pet gave to you when you really needed it?
There's nothing like a muzzle-nuzzle and a cuddle from a dog who understands that you're sad or upset. She may not understand why you're the way you are, but she knows how to be present with you and comfort you.

3. Share a picture of one or more of your pets - extra points for amusing photos.

I just happen to have a new amusing photo of Angus, a.k.a. The Boy, from our New Year's Eve celebration:

We were all hanging out around the fire pit, and he got thirsty. It was only ginger ale and pomegranate juice, or I wouldn't have let him drink it. (Certainly not with the existing canine liver problems in this household.)

And, just because she was so cute we could hardly stand it, here's a picture from the day we got Cub:

Isn't that sweet enough to rot your teeth?

Big grown-up Cub is having a liver biopsy on Monday. Please pray for her, if you're the kind of person who prays for dogs. (And if you're not the kind of person who prays for dogs... just don't tell me that, okay? I'd rather not know.)

Gracious God, we thank you for all of your creation. We especially thank you for the animals that grace our lives. May we learn the unquestioning love they share with us. Bless all of our pets, and those who care for them. Amen.

Now, I tag... Janie, Mary Beth, and SpookyRach.


SpookyRach said...

Yep, my teeth are filling with rot, even as I write this. But it's good rot! Those are some way cute puppies.

We'll be thinking about Cub next week.

Thanks for the tag!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I told my peeps and they will pray. I will even pray and I'm not big on og-days (the last time I saw one I showed them my pointy parts...) But RevPalBlogPals and important peeps to me.

The Shadow Princess

zorra said...

Whenever I see a picture of Angus, I'm amazed at how skinny he is. Then I remember he's still young and hyper. That will begin to taper off a bit when he's about five.

Still praying.

Diane said...

oh, sweet pictures! I love this! especially the puppy, but all the pictures, really!

and of course, prayers...

LawAndGospel said...

Great play! Buddy and I love the pics. And as you probably already know, we pray for all pets!

Songbird said...

Amen. My prayers for Cub.

Quotidian Grace said...

Poor Cub! I'll be praying for him. Dogs are one of God's good gifts to us, aren't they?

RevAnne said...

We're absolutely praying for dogs people at my, dog and people prayers are on the way for Cub, and for all of you.

Janie said...

We are praying...

BTW, we did the meme over at our place...go see!

mid-life rookie said...

Yes we are praying for Cub and for the Typist and Alpha as we know this is as hard for them as it is for Cub.
Blessings, from M-L R, G&T, and manBoy