Sunday, January 27, 2008

A memory of Lady

In the comments on my last post, The Alpha wrote: Cub, you need to tell everyone about the time Lady came to visit and you were both left in the kitchen for a few hours, and how you both made an escape and noted your displeasure with the situation. It was ... memorable.

You know, there are some secrets that I prefer to keep. One of those secrets is exactly how Lady and I got out of the kitchen that night. Let's just say that I was already taller than Lady, but much younger with practically no street smarts. This was more than 7 thumb-haver years ago, so I was still a pup. The Alpha and The Typist and Lady's thumb-havers think Lady was the brains of the operation, and I was the muscle. But I'm not talkin'.

When the thumb-havers got back from their late-night gallivanting at some place that doesn't allow dogs, Lady and I had made our statement. We made it by going through the trash cans and decorating the floor with what we found -- something I've never done since (it was a very special occasion).

And, on the carpet... right in the middle of the carpet... we left a very special statement that explained what we thought about Getting Left.

The thumb-havers marveled at the size of our statement, and concluded we only could have created such a huge statement by working together. Then they cleaned it up.

Again, I will not reveal the secret. But I will say Lady was one smart mutt.


Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I know you miss Lady. There are times I miss my housemate (even though she's rude and still here... she's still company.)

BTW I understand humans hate getting "presents" in the wrong places. Not saying *I* do that, mind you. Just noticed there's a lot of EWWWing when they find them. Makes them try to find other things for a cat to do. Like be scritched.


But I didn't do it.

The shadow princess

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You have always been smart! Even when you were a pup!

I loved this story!

Spooky said...

You both sound like pretty smart D-O-G-S to me...I know you miss Lady a lot.

As for those "presents" that my people find around the house, I'm innocent. Always. I'm just as surprised as they are when they find 'em.

Michelle said...

At least you and Lady waited until you had something to "say". Tuxedo left his message as a greeting within 45 seconds of entering the Typist's bedroom. And if I remember correctly, there was no question about "who".

Linda said...

Hee hee!!! I remember all of that, and Tux's statement was definitely a strong one!

Aah, now I have an image of Lady in my mind, happily doing her bunnies thing. Good times, good times.

zorra said...

Very impressive! Mama says my uncle Buster (grandmama's dog-he went on to the Bridge long before my time) once made a statement in her and daddy's room when they came to visit, just to let them know when they had stayed long enough. That's not polite. But you and Lady were right to express your feelings so clearly.