Monday, January 07, 2008

Woozy day...

Well, I had an odd morning... glad I'm home. I'm still kinda..huh... from whatever needle they put in me at the special vet. Then The Typist came back and rescued me. I'd like another nap in a minute... I didn't want anything to eat until after my all-day nap, but when I was ready I got fed a lot!

Thank you for praying for me!

The Alpha and The Typist are talking about my food. They've been looking at something new. Amie will be happy because it has pumpkin!


Diane said...

wanted to let you know we're praying from where we are!

Linda said...

Prayers still going here - would've confirmed that sooner but my work computer wouldn't let me do that! :-/

So glad to know you're still eating eggses... love!!

zorra said...

Cub, I love ALL of those foods. It sounds like a great diet. I hope you and your thumbhavers have a non-stressful week, after all the stress of today!

Spooky said...

I'm all over those all-day naps!

I'm glad you got to come home. I hope the "something new" is really yummy and helps you!

My people and I are still purring prayers for you.

Grendel said...

I am sending Waves of Love and Support (WLS) for you. I am glad you did not have to Get the Biopsy. I hope your Tummy is O.K.

I had a Wart. It Went Bad. They had to Cut it Off.

So I know it can be Scary Sometimes.

Egg Love is almost as good as Gravy Love!!