Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calm, for a change

That's how things have been around here the last few days! We like that!

The Boy has been back to his normal level of goofy all week (in fact, that picture in the last post was taken Saturday afternoon, well after the 1 a.m. incident -- see? he's fine).

I'm feeling pretty well, too. We like days that The Typist would describe as "typical," and we've had a few of them in a row.

Lots of you thumb-havers who pray for dogs have come by here lately, and I really do appreciate it. Would you do me another prayer favor? Please go to Zorra's blog and pray for Amie, who is the same kind of dog as The Boy. She has a big test tomorrow like I had a while back. I hope they don't shave her belly as much as they shaved mine -- I was chilly for a few days!

(Zorra and The Typist know each other through RevGalBlogPals. What a great bunch of thumb-havers they are. We've even met some of them. Mary Beth let us hang out in her flower beds when we went to see her.)


Molly said...

I know all about shaved bellies. Also hips. And whole front legs. It's just not right.
My mama and I will pray for Amie, just like we pray for you, Cub!
Your friend,

SpookyRach said...

Glad things are going a little more smoothly!

mid-life rookie said...

Glad you are having some calm for a while. Enjoy it!

P.S. The word verification is bawfdorg - sounds like dog language to me. What do you think it means?

zorra said...

Hi Cub,

Thank you and The Boy and your thumbhavers for all of your prayers. The doctor thinks I just need some new medicine. Mama was very happy to hear that.

They shaved my belly just like yours! I was so embarrassed!


Rowan The Dog said...

I hope everydog's belly hair grows back soon.



Diane said...

prayig for everybody -- hard -- both me and Scout, who is doing better today. I guess she had a virus.

Spooky said...

Cub, you are very inspiring to me, even if you are not a Cat. I was given an award today, and I thought of you. You can pick it up at my blog if you'd like.

I'm still praying for you and for The Boy.