Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Got Blessed!

Today The Typist took me on a ride! to go get blessed! (It was just us girls. The Alpha stayed home with The Boy, because the thumb-havers thought it might be too much for all of us if The Boy went.)

We rode for a while, and when we got to the church I helped by unbuckling my harness myself. It wasn't our church, it was another church a little further away, where The Typist knows some thumb-havers. She said hi to people while I said hi to people and dogs.

After a while we all got quiet and sat in a circle in the parking lot. Pastor Katherine read a Bible story about how it isn't good for thumb-havers to be alone, and that's why God made me and all the other dogs (and cats!) who were there. After that, the thumb-havers all said a prayer together and Pastor Katherine went around the circle and blessed every one of us by name! She also asked God to heal my liver.

Then I got to sniff some more dogs and thumb-havers before we got back in the car for another ride. (I've noticed that rides usually come two at a time.)

I was very, very good when I went to get blessed. I didn't show my teeth to any of the other dogs (and The Typist didn't let me get close enough to the cats to even try). I politely sniffed other dogs and less-politely jumped up and kissed lots of thumb-havers. And there was this one miniature hot dog who freaked me out a little bit, but I was even nice to her.

I highly recommend going to get blessed! Maybe next time they'll take The Boy, too. Though The Alpha says he may need an exorcism instead of a blessing. (I'm not sure what that means.)


Spooky said...

Aw, Cub, I'm feeling a little jealous. I want to be blessed, too.

I hope God heals your liver (whatever that is).


Diane said...

congrats on the blessing!

I think Scout needs another one...

Janie said...

Me thinks Zoie the Wonder Pup be needings her some exorcism, too.

Love ya and we're still praying!

Zack the Wonder Dog

Songbird said...

I'm glad you got a blessing, because you are one!

zorra said...

That sounds really nice. Mama says she wishes she knew a church around here that would do that. We are praying for your liver, too.


P.S. I am sad today because Mama wrapped my foot up so that I couldn't lick it anymore. She thinks I'm pouting, and maybe I am. Please pray that I will get over wanting to lick my foot, and that it will get well.

DogBlogger said...

Thank you, Amie. I hope your foot gets better soon! The Boy has had to have his foot wrapped up before. (Maybe it's a Blue Heeler, wait, I think I've had it done before, myself.)

Prayers for you, too!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is so cool! I bet you acted really nice.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Wow. You got blessed? That's pretty nice. But I don't think I would go. I don't like cars. They make me go -- uh -- well, you know -- both ends go and then it's stinky and messy and Giver of Greenies doesn't like it either.

But I really, really hope you are better! Even if you are an og-day.

The Shadow Princess

Rev. Dulce said...

I'm glad to hear that you were good at the blessing. Praying that your liver gets well.

Grendel said...

Dear Cub,

I am Sorry about Your Liver. I ate Liver but it is not Dog Liver, so it is O.K.

Have you Tried Gravy?? It is Most Efficacious. I looked that word up.

I will ask the Blessed Laika to Put In a Good Word for you.

Love and Gravy,


Rowan The Dog said...

Hey guess what? I've been blessed too. Lindy gives me a blessing every day but once a year I go to my church and somebody dressed up like Jesus gives me a blessing and a treat too! I always wear a real nice outfit and I sit nicely for the blessing. I keep my eyes open though... just in case of anything. I've been blessed twice that way. It's really really cool.