Saturday, May 05, 2007

Because Molly asked...

Yesterday when us RevGalPetPals were playing Friday Five with the RevGalBlogPals, my friend Molly came over and asked me what color my bandanna was. (Today we are spelling bandanna with double n's near the end. Tomorrow, who can say?)

So, The Typist took this picture of me with my wardrobe:

Here are the contents of my bandanna drawer. I can't count very high, but I am told there are 16 bandannas, plus one scarf. Maybe two scarves, really, but the Belgian lace one in the middle is shaped like a bandanna. I wear it for special occasions like weddings. (I was a flower-dog once.)

Right now I'm wearing the one that's right next to me in the picture -- it has kissy-prints all over it. The Boy borrowed that plaid one sitting between the stripes and the Stars and Stripes.

A bunch of these bandannas were gifts. (Somebody loves her granddogs! and somebody else loves her dog-niece!)

Some of the older ones have a corner or two chewed off because I was a baby and I didn't know that you aren't supposed to eat your bandanna. Banana, yes. Bandanna, no.

Yes, some of them are wrinkled. The Typist wants you to know that she does many, many things for me, but ironing is not one of them.

The Alpha is out on his adventure today, and he is wearing one more bandanna.

I hope he lets me wear it later.


Molly said...

I love your bandanannas! I would wear one, but I have a very furry neck and might get too hot.
Is it hot there?
I dug a cool place by the garage today.
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Hi Molly!

It's not very hot here yet. It does get really hot in the summer, though, and I like to spread myself out on the cool tile when that happens.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You have wonderful bandannas!!