Sunday, May 13, 2007

Waiting for the fur to drop

It was about this time last year that we experienced a major coat-blowing by The Boy (file photo at left). Such is the way of his breed.

We were in Home State to watch Amazing Niece graduate from college, staying the weekend with They Who Love Their Granddogs, when we noticed. So we took him out on the back porch and gave him a good all-over rumpling of the fur.

And it did fly in the wind.
And it did land on the porch.
And it was of such volume that we had to sweep it off the porch.
And yea, verily, it kept coming.

This year, we have nobody graduating from college to necessitate a road trip. And we're wondering if we will notice that the coat-blowing has begun. Last night he wallered in the middle of the living room and worked up a nice-sized wad of fur, which he left on the carpet for all to admire. Tonight I went over him with the lint roller (hey, it doesn't seem to bother him -- that attachment they sell for vacuum cleaners would certainly send him running... or peeing... maybe both at the same time).

We're watching. And we hope if we catch it, there will be a good breeze in the backyard for the fur-rumpling hour.


Songbird said...

Molly is carrying a dustcloud of flying fur with her wherever she goes right now! I'm afraid she will bury us.
Good luck with the coat-blowing!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* lint roller. Poor dog!

zorra said...

Ah yes, the semi-annual blowing of the coat. Zorra loathed and despised being brushed, but would sit still for that attachment on the vacuum cleaner! Go figure. Amie will tolerate being brushed...and brushed...and brushed...and then STILL leaves a little pile of fur wherever she lies down. We just take it as a sign she's healthy--the first year we had her, she didn't blow coat at all.

Diane said...

Scout sends clouds of golden fur out every time she scratches herself and every time she shakes herself off (which is actually pretty often)... we vaccuum three or four times a day at certain times (this being one of them). She loves being brushed but hates the vaccuum... oh that would never work! love to find another dog-lover...

revabi said...

Hey we get the same thing. But we brusheth, not lint rolleth or vacumn.

SpookyRach said...