Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our New Car!

We got a new car today! The Alpha brought it home, and he already took us for a RIDE.

Here's The Boy sitting between The Typist's car and our car. He's a little blurry 'cause he's so excited.

And here we are in our car. We decided we don't really like this spot in the back. We'd rather be in the back seat. The Boy got tired of it and jumped out the window, and The Alpha made a big deal about it getting scratched or something. Whatever. It's our car. We don't care if it has a toenail mark or two.

Here's how we know it's really our car:

Can you see it? All that fur clinging to the bumper? That's our fur.

And we don't care what The Alpha thinks. That's our car.


Anonymous said...

It's a spiffy car for 2 spiffy pups. Y'all enjoy!

Glad to see you didn't have to wait one more day for the joy that is a new car...that is until a fur-baby leaves its mark...


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I like your car! And yes, it is your car.

The Alpha is just your driver.

Songbird said...

You both look great! And so does the car.

Aunt Lidna said...

Absolute cuteness!! So glad the new car made it home for you two, too!

revabi said...

congrats on the new car. Have a great time riding around in it.