Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grease bunny

The Typist here again.

I promise, this is a dog blog.

There are no plans to turn it into a car blog.

Just because this is the third post about a car within the past 10 days is no cause for alarm.

After this one, I'm finished with car blogging. Note that I haven't even made a "car blogging" label.


after my church nerd meeting,

I came home and changed out of my church nerd outfit,

jacked up my car,

and changed my oil.

At last, my apprenticeship is complete; I know how to do it without asking anyone.

I had to take a break because somebody had the filter wrench in his brand new car (why?), but when the brand new car returned I resumed my labors, now with an assistant to hand things to me.

He took pictures instead.

But really, after that he prepped the fuel filter and handed it to me, which was quite helpful.

At some point before kindergarten, I started wanting to be a mechanic when I grew up. It didn't work out that way. But when it's not too hot out, I do enjoy some basic maintenance. (In the summer, I become a real weenie about things.)

So, today I got to play mechanic. And my hair only got caught under the wheels of the floor creeper a couple of times.

After I finished, the dogs got to ride around the block with me to make sure all was well, because dogs LOVE rides, even if they are very short ones.

(See, this is a dog blog.)


Art said...

Hey, car maintenance is over-rated. I found out that the spark plugs in my new car should have been changed before I drove it off the lot... but a month on, and no problems. You don't know how to change plugs on a rotary engine, do you???

Diane said...

I'll put up with the car blog one more time... but I'm looking forward to the Cub again...I realize I haven't blogged about Scout for a few days either. I'll remedy that soon!

SpookyRach said...

I am WAY impressed!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What cute legs!!

And I bow to you....I have never changed my own oil!

zorra said...

I did this once, before we were married. The Scientist thought it was part of his duty, as a loving and supportive modern fiance, to show me how and make sure that I was empowered to take care of my car myself. I appreciated the sentiment, but I never did it again!

DogBlogger said...

Art - that's a strange spark plug guideline... and no, I only do 4-cylinders, but I found your rotary engine post so interesting I forwarded it to The Alpha, who's an engineer.

Mindy - thanks! The legs still got it, at least from a distance.

Diane - if we got the dogs together, we'd have Cub Scout!

Rach - I am way impressed, too!

Zorra - I learned on this car after my car care plan expired, and figured I probably wouldn't bother with it again. But the weather was nice yesterday, and I was feeling industrious.