Friday, July 29, 2005

Lovely morning...

So, yeah, I know it's going to get hot enough to require panting later, but this morning is just delightful! Had a nice play session with The Boy, then went outside and decided to stay there for a while, belly on the bricks, nice and cool, while he went back in.

Heard DogMommy talking on the phone last night. I think it was Steve. I like Steve... even though he has that mophead Emmitt (whose movements are much like The Boy's), he also has a POOL, which is great for a nice soak on the top step and the occasional swim-fetch. I also heard "come over," so maybe a pool visit lies in our future.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Boy goes vertical

His agility continues to amaze me. A minute before this photo, he was walking the length of the back of the couch, trying to get his nose into DogMommy's cookie dough ice cream sundae with Kix(tm) on top. I keep warning him that if he falls on me he's going to pay. I didn't come by two fully-functioning hips as easily as he did, you know.

But still, it's inspiring to see such a climber. Maybe I can talk him into getting things for me...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Playing chase!

I love chasing The Boy around the living room. He's learned how to fake and switch direction behind the couch, which makes it more entertaining. And the whole process gives DM and DD a good laugh. Everyone has fun.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Paying attention pays off!

So, DogDaddy came over to the computer to show DogMommy the huge holes in the slices of bread, where there was an air bubble in the dough. First he held it up to his eye and looked through it, then he held it out for DM to see, and I spotted my chance. Lithe and swift, I made a small but graceful half-leap and claimed about half of the slice of bread being held at waist-height and arm's length. "Son of a bitch!" said DD, and DM quietly reminded him that I'm the daughter of a bitch, and a bitch myself, for that matter.

DogDaddy, recognizing defeat, gave the rest of that piece to me and the other one to The Boy. We certainly don't mind holes in the bread; it's not like we have those glorious thumbs to help us spread jelly on it, anyway.

Stuff I don't know what means.

DogMommy found out she can get a 13-foot piece of chair rail home in her coupe. (Whatever that means.)

She's also afraid that The Boy's "tormentors" coming to visit might "make him regress." (I later learned they're not coming, but I still don't know who they are.) As if he isn't already causing enough problems by digging up the flower(less) beds.

I haven't been to church in months, but they seem to go a lot. DM had that thing called rehearsal last night and came home smelling like there.

DM and DD have both been moving stuff around in the house the past couple of days. Something about Gavin coming to visit. All the fun stuff is getting hidden in plastic bins, amid talk of "baby-proofing." I hope he doesn't bring that stinkin' corgi with him, but if he does, I'm sure I'll be told, "Poppy can cope."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fluffy McShedster

Man, The Boy can make a fluff tumbleweed on the kitchen floor faster than I ever could! He doesn't even look like he has that much fur -- I guess because he's getting rid of it all the time.

Had a little surprise visitor yesterday, in Friend Julie. I jumped up on her because DogMommy said I wouldn't, and I couldn't resist the challenge. Besides, The Boy was all over the place until DM showed him the squirt bottle. Friend Julie thought that was pretty clever.