Friday, October 26, 2007

Adventure in the Wee Hours

Actually, I think it all started last night, when The Alpha and The Typist decided to have their supper in our backyard. They were watching some silly thing through the window, and they had a fire going in the grill for roasting food they did not let us have. But, they were also dropping perfectly good peanut shells on the ground, so The Boy and I snacked on those.

Which I think is where it all started.

In the wee hours of the morning when everybody was asleep, I started to feel kinda funny. So I decided to get rid of those peanut shells.

When The Alpha heard me acting on my decision, the adventure started! He woke up really fast and decided we were all running to the back door! Even though I wanted to finish my project right there on the bedroom carpet, I went with him. I even put most of my project outside, so he and The Typist only had to clean up a little of it.

Then we all went back to bed. But I don't think everybody got back to sleep. Funny, that seems to only be a problem for thumb-havers. I can take a nap anywhere, any time!

Off to do that now...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Five: Homage to the Top Chef

This week's play from RevGalBlogPals:
We're more Alton Brown fans around here -- never have seen Top Chef -- but regardless of our television preferences, Food = YES!

If you were a food, what would you be?
The Typist: I've struggled with this one! I'm still not sure. Maybe the Everlasting Gobstopper, what with all the different-colored layers and the occasional surprise.
Cub: I don't want to be food! I hear some thumb-havers eat dogs! No, no, no!
The Typist: Relax, Cub. (Dogs aren't always good at metaphorical stuff.)

What is one of the most memorable meals you ever had? And where?
The Typist: I'm not the spicy food fan of the family, but for The Shed I make an exception. If food brings tears to my eyes, I normally stop eating it. Except when I'm there. It was at least as much fun to watch The Alpha's surprise as it was to actually have the meal.
Cub: Once I was at my friend Sophie's house and saw a dish of little candies on the coffee table. Everybody else was in the kitchen, and I could reach them myself, so I ate them. They were good! When the thumb-havers noticed what I'd eaten, they all got kind of worried because dogs aren't supposed to eat M&Ms, but I was fine.

What is your favorite comfort food from childhood?
The Typist: My mom's beer bread. She never liked beer, and hardly ever drank so much as a glass of wine, but for beer bread she'd go to a liquor store that would sell her just one can of beer. And the result was always wonderful.
Cub: When I was a puppy I'd sometimes get cereal in milk as a special treat. Hey, I should ask for that again!

When going to a church potluck, what one recipe from your kitchen is sure to be a hit?
The Typist: Anything The Alpha makes. The youth always want to know what he's brought. (It usually involves a Jell-O mold.)
Cub: I'm not allowed to go to potlucks. I would always be underfoot, looking for what thumb-havers might have dropped!

What’s the strangest thing you ever willingly ate?
The Typist: Well, separately they're no big deal, but together they make an unusual appetizer: prosciutto ham over cantaloupe was our starter item for an anniversary dinner several years back. Delightful!
Cub: When I was a puppy I had a towel that I liked to shake around. I ate a piece of it once, and it didn't come out so well, if you know what I mean. The Typist keeps my towel on a high shelf now.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite drink to order when looking forward to a great meal?
The Typist: A margarita or a nice glass of pinot grigio. Or, for a non-alcoholic option, sweet tea.
Cub: Milk. I really like milk! I have a little bit of white fur around my mouth, so it always looks like I've been in the milk, even though I haven't.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lieutenant Calf! You got five laigs!

Remember the game from Sesame Street? "One of these things is not like the others?"

Notice anything different about the middle calf? Well, besides the fact that he's relieving himself. Which he's not doing in this next picture. So, do you see it? Up by his shoulder?

We are sorry we couldn't get a better picture than either of these, but his mama wasn't going to put up with us for very long.

Just so you know, he seems perfectly happy, running along on four of his legs with the fifth one swinging from that attempted thigh growing out of his back.

Thank you, Farmer L, for taking us out into the pasture for a visit. We appreciate knowing that this is the first time an extra leg has ever occurred in your decades-long farming career, as well.

But we wish Mama Cow had let him have his close-up.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Five: Thankfulness List

Mary Beth over at RevGalBlogPals writes: Welcome to the Friday Five!

This one is going to be veeeery simple: List at least five things (people, places, graces, miracles...) for which you are thankful. You may elaborate as you wish, or keep it simple.

Hat tip to Princess Mindy for the idea. Oh...and if you know The Veggie Tales' hit "Thankfulness Song," please hum it as you post.
Okay, we aren't up on our VeggieTales, so we'll hum "For the Beauty of the Earth." Here we go with our tandem play on thankfulness:

Typist: For the beings of my household, one two-footed, two four-footed -- The Alpha, Cub, and The Boy.
Cub: For my two thumb-havers who keep me happy and healthy.

Typist: That I have the ability to stay so busy and do things that I both need and want to do.
Cub: For my sunny, grassy back yard where I like to relax!

Typist: No thankfulness list that may be read by Mindy is complete without clean panties!
Cub: Okay, as a dog, those really aren't something I'm aware of a need to be thankful for... but I'm thankful that I have a nice collection of bandannas for accessorizing.

Typist: For RevGalBlogPals!
Cub: For RevGalDogPals (oh, and CatPals too, I suppose...)!

Typist: For music.
Cub: For belly rubs.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fab Four Meme

The Typist has been tagged by Zorra! This one is all about fours, but not my four paws... her answers in groups of four:

Four jobs I've held:
junior advertising writer
public relations account representative
part-time church staff member

Four films I could watch over and over:
The Blues Brothers
The Muppet Movie
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
A Christmas Story

Four TV shows I watch:
Dirty Jobs
The Daily Show
Saving Grace
Doctor Who

Four places I've lived:
Clinton, CT
Hot Springs, AR
Conway, AR
Dallas, TX

Four favorite foods:
vegetable steak soup
cheese fondue

Four websites I visit every day:

Four favorite colors:

Four places I would love to be right now:
Seward, Alaska
New Mexico
Right here at home

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children:
Forrest (immediate mental thought is "I'm Forrest, Forrest [insert our last name in place of Gump]")
Temple (love the name, but I will always remember what happened to Temple Drake in William Faulkner's Sanctuary)
Bartholomew ("Nothing rhymes with Bart!" --Homer Simpson)
Talkeetna (don't ask; I'm running out of ideas.)

I tag Mindy, Mid-Life Rookie, RevHRod, and LawAndGospel.
Hope y'all haven't already been tagged by somebody... this one's going around!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Back to Baseball?

A few days before I found The Typist and The Alpha, they were on a trip up north to see some guys lose a baseball game. It's part of how I got named Cub.

The Typist said that back then, she'd already been burned by the strike of '95 (she still has her protest t-shirt), but she forgave them after a few years. These days she's still not happy about all the juicing rumors. (She voted for The Asterisk.)

Now, the Cubs have made the postseason again. She's been very good about not watching all season, because it seems the more she cares, the more they lose. So, she will be not-watching on Wednesday (convenient that she has choir and band to keep her distracted, isn't it?).