Monday, January 29, 2007

This Thing that's Not for Dogs

The Typist is helping get some people together at some place, for some thing, and I'm probably not going. I think it would be of very little interest to dogs, unless there's time scheduled for belly rubs.

It's in May, in Fayetteville. I like Fayetteville, but I haven't been there in a long time. Last time I went, The Alpha let me chase squirrels around this place he called college.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Because all the DogPals are doing it...

I just had to know my title. Zorra's is better. It contains "Goosnargh on the Carpet," which I'm sure The Boy must have done at some point.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Venerable Lady Dogblogger the Ebullient of Puddleston St Droop
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

The Typist says I'm definitely Ebullient. I think I'm past the Puddleston stage, though, and I'm a little confused about the St Droop thing. My ears are very pointy. Molly, are you sure this one isn't yours?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Badda Bing Badda Boom Friday Five

from the RevGals:
It's been a very full, busy week. Here's the F5, short and sweet. The questions are simple, the answers unlimited. Go!

Who... Miss Julie and Miss Claire

What... Lunch and hanging around

When... Earlier today

Where... My house

Why... Miss Julie needed to sing something with The Typist, and brought little Miss Claire, who needed to eat soup and cuddle up on my couch and watch a movie because she'd been to the doctor (The Typist said it's like the vet for people -- I like to cuddle up on my couch after I go to the vet, too, so I don't blame her one bit).

Bonus: How... Very politely -- well, except for that one time I got a little too excited and jumped up and licked Miss Julie in the eye. Miss Julie and Miss Claire love me and The Boy, so it's always nice to see them.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Perching, accessorizing

Yes, The Boy has taken up his perch again. As you can see, I remain unamused. The thumb-havers think it's hilarious, of course. Here's a wider shot for context:

There's The Typist next to us. See those sticks and the orange stuff in her lap? She's been playing with these sticks -- not chewing on them, mind you, and they look great for that -- nearly every day for weeks now. At some point she decided she was finished playing with the orange stuff, which she called homework, and tied it around my neck and called it my scarf.

I don't care what it's called, I'm a big fan of wearing stuff around my neck. So it's pretty nifty, especially because orange is a color I can see better, and it's nice and long so I can look down at it. I'm not allowed to wear it outside because I get sticks tangled up in it (wait a minute... it's okay when The Typist tangles her sticks up in it, but not when I tangle up mine? I don't get it), but I'm thrilled with wearing it around the house.

The Alpha mentioned The Boy getting one, too, but The Typist says she's done with homework and isn't making any scarfs for dogs, and that this one only just happened to fit me. Besides, the stuff she's got on the sticks right now looks way too fluffy for The Boy, or any boy for that matter.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Too busy for blogging?!?

Apparently, The Typist has other things on her mind this week. Work, and stuff, and looking at college essays for human kids, and knitting. And stuff. There are even dog pictures waiting to be loaded off the camera, but she hasn't done it.

So, a quick run-down: The Typist has been back in town so long we've forgotten she ever left; Been getting nice regular walks; I gave in and started chewing on my fake bone; The Alpha built a new dog door for the winter weather; The Boy accidentally got shut out of the bedroom last night (and I wasn't going to tell them either, so he finally spoke up about it); and The Boy seems to be interested in learning to climb ladders, with encouragement from The Alpha. (Don't encourage him, says The Typist. But nobody listens.)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday's Highlight Reel

Another really good day at Congress on Evangelism!
  • Filming the re-enactments posted here.
  • Hearing (and typing 3 pages of notes on) a really inspiring talk on relational evangelism and the Life Journal practice from my plane ride buddy, Bishop Wills (see also re-enactments).
  • Enjoying a lovely MethoBlogger meetup dinner/conversation with several folks considering becoming bloggers themselves.
  • Carrying on a wide-ranging after-dinner conversation at the Red Parrot, in which we brainstormed and dreamed on the future of the Methoblog, solved all the church's problems, uploaded some video, accidentally offered up choice quotes for gavin's use at an undetermined point in the future, distracted Jay and Beth while they finished their worship bulletins for this Sunday, and celebrated Holy Communion together.
Tomorrow most of us have to miss the end of the Congress to either hit the long road home or get to the airport. But we're really glad we had this time together (it would've taken far, far longer to get to know each other this well by clicking "add comment").


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Field Reporting from The Typist

Well, it's been a neat day at Congress on Evangelism! There are at least 9 MethoBloggers at this meetup: Reverend Mommy and RevAbi, who are graciously sharing their room with me; John the Methodist, who has asked us to consider participating in the MethoBlogger profile series; Beth, Gavin, Jonathon, Jay, Susan, and me. And if any of those links don't work, sorry, but I'm too tired to check them all. Several of those are also RevGals, and some more are thinking about joining.

There are some videos of Gavin and Jonathon up on Reverend Mommy's site, if you want a workshop sampling. I arrived late, in the middle of Reverend Mommy and Jay's first workshop, because yesterday a bolt went missing off the plane I was supposed to be riding, and the next available flight was this morning. Interestingly, on this flight I wasn't supposed to be on, I wound up sitting next to Bishop Wills. I hope I didn't talk too much about blogging and digital community stuff. I managed to get my knitting homework done and he did some journaling, so I know I didn't talk non-stop.

Tonight most of the MethoBloggers wound up having dinner together, and four of us had Lazy River Time after that. Yes, our hotel has an indoor Lazy River, enclosed for the winter, complete with tubes for floating and a waterfall bridge. (The pirate ship is in the outdoor area, so we didn't get to play on that.)

Okay. Tired. Gotta get up and do more in the morning. G'Night.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolutions, past and future

Happy New Year! I seem to have done pretty well on most of my resolutions from last year. I'm still svelte, and shiny in the sun, and I've gotten really good at catching The Boy when we play chase. Got into a bit of trouble with keep on chewin', though, as was detailed in the saga of the cracked toof.

The Typist says she's not doing resolutions this year. Even the vague ones don't seem to work well for her. But I think I did so well with last year's, I'll just keep them -- well, except for the one about chewing. Need to see if the fake bone things they got for me to chew are actually any good... and I doubt it. I'm a bit of a chew-snob.

Expect to hear more directly from The Typist this week, reporting from her Methoblogger and RevGals meetups!