Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm being watched.

It's been a while since I got the hole where my toof used to be, but for some reason I'm still not allowed to go outside alone. The Typist is actually sitting out here in a lawn chair typing, and any time I try to pick up a stick, I get told no and drop it. I feel fine, really. I have no idea what they're so uptight about. That silly vet told them to boss me around like this.

Oh, hey, nobody's said anything about my seal! Why hasn't anyone admired my official seal? It's pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My official seal

As we all know how true it is, we thought we'd make it look more official.

Notice my Latin motto.
The Typist says it means, "The wolf in the story."
I'm so a wolf, and this blog is all a story about me, so that's perfect!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Well, I mostly feel better now, but I still have something weird going on in my mouth. The hole is pretty much closed up, but there's a blank spot where one of my toofs used to be. The Boy comes over and sniffs my lips from time to time. He knows it's different, but I think he will eventually lose interest.

Oh, and neither of us is allowed to chew on anything. The thumb-havers took away all our indoor toys. The Boy is allowed to play fetch outside, and I'm allowed to chase him, but the minute I try to pick up a stick or grab the Ropey Kong he's fetching, I get the old holler-off. The Alpha said something about 10 more days of that.

They're still soaking my food to make it all mushy, too, but I actually like that pretty well. And I'm taking extra pills, which means extra peanut butter! I like that!

Friday, September 22, 2006


The commenters on the last post know what they're talking about Amie the Cattle Dog was right. Mid-life Rookie was right. I'm a groggy doggy today.

Mmmph. My mouth feels funny. There's a hole in there.

They made my food all mushy.

I'm walking realllly slow.

whoo... feel all floaty... why's The Boy moving so fast?... think I'm gonna go lie down again.

Monday, September 18, 2006

One of THOSE rides...

I should've guessed it when I got to go for a ride and The Boy didn't. He was whining at the back window as The Alpha and I left, thinking he was really missing out.

But he wasn't missing out on much. We arrived at the vet's compound, and I surmised it would be only moments until I had to defend The Alpha from those other thumb-havers who like messing with me. When it was time for that, though, The Alpha somehow talked his way out of going into the tiny room with me, and I was led to the back, alone. Without the weight of defense responsibilities, I more easily relinquished myself to the prodding and lifting up and holding down and looking. They spent extra time looking in my mouth, which they never even dream of doing when I'm using it to defend The Alpha. Good thing I'd left him behind for his own safety, or they would've really seen me in action. I'm not sure how they're planning to get to The Alpha by looking in my mouth, but they are nefarious, so I assume they are biding their time.

Before long, my captors led me back out to the Alpha, and we were joyfully reunited. The Alpha and the other thumb-havers said a bunch of words like cracked molar, calcified plaque, extraction, credit card, Friday morning drop-off, antibiotics, and other things they seemed to think were really important. I escaped unscathed, though, so I'm not really concerned.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

Found this little meme over at Rebel Without a Pew and thought I'd play with it.

Weird Thing #1: I was born with extra toenails. Yep, in the rear dewclaw area, I had two sticking out of each foot instead of just one. The thumb-havers made them disappear once while I was taking a nap at the vet. They didn't want me getting them caught on anything and getting hurt. (Over the weekend, I'll see if I can get The Typist to scan the picture they took before removal.)

Weird Thing #2: I'm missing a hip joint. Trust me, that's a good thing. Life is much better without it. So I walk with a wiggle -- my midsection does kinda go wub-wub-wub from side to side. I think that's why they sometimes call me Cubbins-Wubbins.

Weird Thing #3: Most dogs don't blog, do they?

Weird Thing #4: Even though I'm a girl, I mark things on walks. The Boy doesn't mark; he's afraid to ever since he got scolded for pooping out of turn, on an unfamiliar yard. The thumb-havers often have to remind me that I'm on a walk, not a stop-n-pee.

Weird Thing #5: If you let me, I'll sit and lick you. And lick you and lick you and lick and lick and lick you. And lick you some more.

Weird Thing #6: Okay, this isn't weird from my perspective, just from the thumb-havers'. I splash everywhere when I drink. Except for when I get to drink a wee bit of milk instead of water -- a rare treat. With milk, I never spill a drop. Why would I? How is that weird? Water's just so run-of-the-mill; now milk... milk is special!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pool Poppies!

First off, the thumb-havers should've remembered their camera. They didn't, so you don't get to see for yourself.

This afternoon, The City gave The Boy a complex -- the municipal swimming complex, that is. It was the Pooch Pool Party! There were all kinds of dogs there!

I've been to Mr. Steve and Ms. Lynn's pool lots of times, so I know what to do. And I know what I like. The Boy has not been to any pools before, so he did not know what to do. But I think he knew he didn't like it.

The first pool we went to didn't have very good steps. I don't just haul off and jump in; I like a pool with steps. So, after The Alpha forced us both over the pool's edge a couple of times (The Boy wasn't sure about that at all), we saw that the next pool over had steps and I could go in at my own speed that way. So, I grabbed a tennis ball and swam some laps all around that pool. At one point it was kind of like a walk, when The Alpha had my leash and followed me around pool-side. Except I was swimming instead of walking. Which was pretty neat. The Boy and The Typist were following too, and The Boy seemed really concerned about me being in the water. At first he wouldn't come join me, and when he did, he didn't stay long.

So, The Alpha took us over to the kiddie pool, even though it was only supposed to be for little not-dogs and mops and stuff. That's where The Alpha and The Boy and I could go wading together (thumb-havers were not allowed in the bigger pools). On the way over there, The Boy had some nervous poop in the flower bed (which had to be Cleaned Up by the thumb-havers right then). Clearly, he wasn't very into this whole adventure. But in the kiddie pool he seemed to get more comfortable with the whole idea of water, because he could keep his feet touching bottom. That didn't stop him from trying to eat the water. Or maybe just bite it. I'm not sure which.

Back in the bigger pool again, I went diving for a Frisbee(tm). I really didn't mean to be sticking my whole head under water, but the thing kept getting away!

I think The Boy might like swimming if he got another chance, some place where The Alpha could go in with him. I didn't like swimming when I first tried it, but now it's pretty neat. I especially like all the shaking off when I get out!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Guest post

He's been wondering what the deal is with this blogging thing, so I decided I'd let The Boy give it a try. Here he goes:
Um, hey! Hey, yeah, hey! I'm Angus. Or 'Guus. Or Goosey Boy, or Anus (they really think that one's funny and I'm not sure why), or Shebangus. Cub's loyal readers know me as The Boy. Which I am. I'm a The Boy.

Today I've had fun. Let's see, what all did I do... I peed, ate, rolled on the carpet, poo-ooped, ran, barked, dug, napped, crawled underbed, went for a walk -- whaaaaaaaaah, I love walks!!! That's the noise I make when I figure out we're going on a walk -- whaaaaaaaaah!!! Oh, and then I did some of that stuff again. Like pee and eat and run and bark and stuff. And guess what -- guess what? You know what? Tomorrow I get to have fun again! Whaaaaaaah!!! Thanks, Cub, for letting me guest blog!

You're welcome, The Boy. (A valiant first effort for a two-year-old, I suppose...ACDs can be a little ADD, or so I've heard. He certainly fits the bill.)

We're off to hang out with the thumb-havers for the rest of the evening. So, we'll catch you later.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back-yard Hunting

The Boy (file photo at right) started off the morning with an adventure and a mystery.

First thing in the morning, while it's still dark, is pee time. Sometimes we both go out, and sometimes I hang inside with The Typist. Today I hung back. Sometimes the light in the backyard comes on, sometimes it doesn't. Today it didn't.

Not usually, though, does a squeaky noise come from the backyard when there are no squeaky toys in the backyard. Today, it did.

The Boy was called inside, and came in looking a little guilty. The Alpha was informed as he stepped from the shower. Dressed and armed with a flashlight, he took to the backyard. He came back and informed The Typist that he found downy fur, and a spot that looked like it had been burrowed into, but no blood and no bunny.

The Mystery is whether the bunnybunbun got away, or whether The Boy swallowed it whole. Either way, the thumb-havers hope it's feeling no pain now.

And The Boy, while he was doing a lot of lip-licking this morning, is certainly not talking.