Saturday, October 29, 2005

A model is born...

Here's The Boy showing off the first bandanna he wore that he didn't try to eat.

More catching up later...there was a major festivity here last night, and we're still recovering...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Neglecting my duties!

Okay, so it's really my typist's fault that I haven't blogged in so long, but I'm not going to be a blamer. That's a catty thing to do, and I'm a dog.

Hmmm...a highlight reel, perhaps:

  • Another house guest! Charlotte, they call her. She's the one The Boy startled by sticking his head up her skirt. He was smart enough to not try that one again.
  • Sick guy on one of the people couches -- the same one who smelled like construction materials and bunnies, but this time he smelled ill. He only stayed long enough for the other person with him to do some laundry. There was a little guy with them, too, which thrilled The Boy and totally wore out The Alpha.
  • A walk to the pharmacy window. Big ol' treats for both of us. Who knows why DM and Alpha even bother going; all they do is say my name and get a little paper sack.
  • Saturday-night backyard event, with J & L and those people who smell like where-there-is-a-cat, too. Good stuff, especially with everybody dropping peanut shells on the ground for us.
  • Also Saturday, The Boy learned that when you wear a bandanna, your goal should not be to try eating it off your own neck. Or off of mine, either. He looked rather dashing in plaid, and I was all perky in smiley faces. I'll try to get someone to post a picture, but she's been busy messing with some sort of box with strings on it. The strings make noise and startle The Boy quite a bit, which is always entertaining.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lovely weekend

Had a great time with Aunt Jessica staying with us this weekend. The Boy is still learning situational rules, and so he hopped up on the bed after The Alpha and DM returned, earning emphatic "offs" and such. I know, and have known for ages, that two thumb-havers in bed = no dogs on bed. I'm smart that way. He eventually re-learned that equation, as I'm sure he will have to re-learn again at some point, and once again reclaimed his post as UnderBed Boy. Then we both got showers. Actually, the whole family got showers when The Alpha and DM got home, but it's a bigger deal for me and The Boy. I think this one was only his second shower ever. Anyhow, we're both silky-smooth now, and I remain the fluffier, shinier hound.

I'm enjoying the weather. Very nice out these days. Makes me not want to come back inside sometimes. The cool bricks on my belly, the wind lifting the fur at the edges of my ears... ah, autumn...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A new visitor

So this guy came over last night who smelled really good -- like bunnies and raccoons and construction materials. He was really cool! He played with us almost the whole time his laundry was going, and he even got The Boy to stop using his teeth so much. Very much a Dog Appreciator. Always nice to meet folks like him.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Visitors, two- and four-footed

Aunt Jessica came over last night, and she brought Winston, who hadn't met The Boy yet, so that was entertaining. WinnieBoy thinks he's all tough, with his spikey collar and his beyond-chihuahua girth. After all the posturing, tooth-baring, and growling, The Boy still wanted to get in a good butt-sniffing. He chased Winston across the yard for it, too, but he really didn't get his fix until they were ready to leave. Aunt J was standing up, holding her rat-dog, and The Boy stood on his hind legs to have a good, long sniff. Pretty amusing. I wish DM had gotten a picture, but she was laughing too hard to have done much, anyway.