Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dog Hero Profile: Jake

This is Jake.

Or, actually, it was Jake.

Jake went on this week. He was a big-time hero dog, especially in New York City and Mississippi. When he was in New York City wearing his work vest, he got to eat a free steak dinner under fancy restaurant's table. That sounds like fun!

He helped find thumb-havers who were stuck in awful places, and he taught other dogs how to do that, too.

When Jake was little, he was abandoned, like me. But he had a hurt leg, which I didn't have when I was all alone. And when he got better, he got special training so he could be a hero dog. A thumb-haver saw that he had potential, and believed in him. And he helped the world.

Woff, woff, Jake. We salute you.


Diane said...

Wow. another inspirational dog. We salute Jake too, and are sad at his passing.

I'm sure there is a special place for him.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You did good Jake. I hope you get a lot of steak in heaven.

zorra said...