Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five: Hasty Edition

Reverendmother at RevGalBlogPals writes: Whoops! I have been in a family-induced haze these few days, with the July 4 holiday and taking time off while relatives are visiting. So I literally lost track of what day it was!

So rather than make you guys wait even one minute longer for the five, I'll dig up an oldie:

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing

Cub: My usual... oh, wait, here comes a bandanna! - with suns and moons and stars on it to sort-of coordinate with my collar.

Typist: Summery lime-green and white striped sweater I got for $15 at the closeout store; khakis (had to go into the office this morning), and my tan Skechers. Oh, and sunglasses on my head -- it's my outward sign of an inward optimism that maybe it'll stop raining soon (and I actually needed them while driving today!).

2. Reading:

Cub: Expressions on faces. Also, various signs that we might be having people come over.

Typist: Still trying to finish The Irresistible Revolution (help Shane and the community recover from the fire by donating here); lots o' blogs; articles in the paper where I work.

3. Eating:

Cub: Chow, peanut butter with medicine hidden in it (don't think I don't notice!), and a Good Dogs Go Out treat so far today. Hoping for more watermelon in my future.

Typist: Too many sweets already today (snacks for and with the group we hosted at work), but keeping other areas in check. We shall see if that gets blown at dinner.

4. Doing

Cub: Stretching out on the cool tile in the entryway.

Typist: Making sure I haven't forgotten any errands.

5. Pondering

Cub: Whether anyone is actually coming over. The Typist just messed with the thermostat, so I'm pretty sure the answer is yes.

Typist: Where we will go for dinner with the four out-of-towners before we see Spamalot tonight.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Mrs. M said...

Sunglasses as sacrament, huh? Very nice.

zorra said...

Needed my sunglasses this morning too--then almost swam home this afternoon. Isn't that the way it's going these days?

We saw Spamalot last month! Have fun.

Mary Beth said...

Yes, when I went out at lunch the sun nearly BLINDED me! I feel like a mole after a long winter!

Sally said...

great play from both of you! Have a great evening!

Songbird said...

We have thunder instead of sunshine today, sadly.

Diane said...

I'm jealous. Spamalot sounds fun.