Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yep, guests!

I was right about coming over happening on Friday. We had four thumb-havers come visit and stay overnight! (I know there were four because that's how many paws I have.)

One of them was Uncle B -- I liked him already. The others were new, and I liked them, too. Even the one that I'm pretty sure doesn't really care for dogs (she was still nice). The Boy and I could smell-and-tell that the other thumb-havers live with dogs. So that was nice to know.

They left yesterday, and everything's pretty much back to normal now.

Oh, and The Typist just let us finish off the watermelon a minute ago... yum!


Diane said...

it's true, not all people are equally thrilled by us dogs. don't know why.

zorra said...

Well...I'm not equally thrilled by all humans, so I guess that's fair.


ElastiGirl said...

Ditto on the humans here -
Loved Spamalot although the pooches have no idea what they missed - loved "not easy to admit to being to Jewish to a heavily armed Christian" - wry and right-on...

ziondreamer said...
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