Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Report

Well, Friday I got to go for a ride, but it was the kind of ride where when I get to the other end they stick a needle in me. Oh, and I wasn't allowed to eat breakfast before the ride. But after the sticking, the ladies at the counter let me try the treats in ALL of the jars, because they knew I hadn't had breakfast! So that was fun. They didn't even make me sit or anything. And I got breakfast when I got back home, too.

Later, The Alpha came home with a big vase of stinky flowers. The Typist really seemed to like them a lot, but for dogs, they smell a bit too... nice. They're stinking up the house. (I'm sure there's a thumb-haver or two who would say that very thing about The Boy, though.)

Then the two of them got dressed up all nice, and left us for a few hours, and came back smelling like meat. I think they even had some of it with them, because they went straight to the kitchen with the bag and Saturday they had more meat for lunch. No, they didn't share. But we did get some nice crunchy bread.

Today, they did the usual thing where they come home smelling like church, only twice. And the second time they did it, they came home smelling like church and cake. But no cake for dogs.

I think we're overdue for some Frosty Paws. Don't you?


Diane said...

yes, you need some Frosty Paws. I do too.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I vote Frosty Paws!

zorra said...

Yeah, we all need some Frosty Paws.
It sounds kind of like what happened here a couple of weeks ago, when my thumbhavers shut me up in the back bedroom (!) and I could hear and smell all these strange people in the house AND the place smelled like meatballs and ham and cheese and cake! And I sat in the bedroom and didn't get any until much later! How mean is that??

Oh, my thumbhavers wonder, did your thumbhavers have an anniversary. They wish your thumbhavers many happy returns. Whatever that means.

DogBlogger said...

Yes, Amie, they did have one of those anniversary things Friday. Sunday was another thing about people moving or something, but Friday was definitely an anniversary.

Oh, and I started getting half a pill instead of a whole pill at supper tonight. Which, depending on how it's served up, could mean either more, or less, peanut butter.

revabi said...

I vote for the Frosty Paws too. Its better than any ol' cake any ol' day any ol' way. But I don't know about the meet, I think that's pretty rotten for them not to share the meat.