Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Enough with the rain!

It has been very wet here for a very long time now -- perhaps as long as half a dog-year.

The Boy and I haven't had a good walk in quite a while. It's too wet.

We have had some indoor fun, though. Wallering on the carpet... playing chase... running around with our toys... napping... getting good ear scritchings and belly rubs.

Some friends of the thumb-having persuasion came over last weekend, and we hear more friends may be coming over tomorrow!

We like coming over. We wait at the front door when The Alpha and The Typist tell us it's about to happen.


Diane said...

I hate that rain and rain and rain feeling...
sorry for the dogs
they must have cabin fever

Diane said...

have fun with your company!

zorra said...

Amie's aversion to thunder has now generalized to rain...so you can imagine how hard it is to make her go out long enough to take care of business...when will it stop??

DogBlogger said...

Poor girl! (((Amie)))

When will it stop, indeed. I was surprised we didn't even get a shower yesterday. A nearby lake has gone from several feet low to 11 feet too high.