Sunday, July 01, 2007

Knitting project COMPLETE!

Hey... The Typist here with another invasion of the dog blog...

Six months ago, I was working on my first-ever knitting project when The Alpha asked what my second one would be. And when I said I didn't know, he suggested one.

Yes, a sci-fi geek knitting project.

It took exactly five months to complete. Yes, it's a bit too hot for him to wear right now, but I was planning ahead.

And no, it's not exactly like the one on the TV series, as anyone with a "My other car is a TARDIS" bumper sticker would quickly point out, I'm certain (thanks for that defining point, Zorra). But it is pretty close to the Season 12 pattern.

And, more importantly, The Alpha is thrilled.

To top it off, he can also use it to do a good impersonation of little brother Randy from A Christmas Story:

So, fellow knit-wits, how did I do?


Diane said...

congrats! Looks good (and long)

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Hey I like it. Can I borrow it when it gets cold outside??

The Shadow Princess

Molly said...

That's a crazy scarf!
When does Cub get to blog again?
Your friend,

John said...

That is so cool!

gavin richardson said...

does one need a scarf at all in texas? &:~)

Prettybird said...

Oh how I wish you people wouldn't make these! It makes it look totally feasible to my husband who then wants a scarf of his own...

Good job, though!


SpookyRach said...

Oh, MAN! That is soooo cool!