Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Hero Profile: Zoey

See that little dog there? You almost can't see her, she's so little. And because she blends in with her thumb-haver's shirt.

She's not even as big as I was when I got my family, and she's already as big as she's going to get.

Guess what she did?

She took on a rattlesnake and protected that little baby thumb-haver there.

She got a nifty scar on her forehead, kind of like Harry Potter (I like Harry Potter because I'm hairy, too). You can see her scar in the video they have with her story.

Zoey, Hero Chihuahua: we salute you.


Diane said...

I salute you too! that is some brave dog!!! (they are wonderful, aren't they)

zorra said...

I love, love, love dogs. Dogs rule.
Good girl, Zoey!!!

Songbird said...

What a brave little dog!

Whistle said...

Great story!

karlassi said...

Venus and the poodles wanted you to know that they loved this story, too. The poodles are as small as Zowie, but they don't think they are as brave.